The world-leading and internationally acclaimed model-checking tool-suite UPPAAL is now available for commercial use. This tool makes is possible to make the best cyber-physical systems. We have recently released UPPAAL 5.0 with several new and unique features. Read a compact summary about this release in our newsletter here.


We will help you verify, simulate, analyze, plan and test your products


Design and Simulation

Create your model in our tool and analyse its behaviour by performing simulations to explore its behaviour.



Aks questions about your model and we will fully automatically provide answers and possible debugging information in case your properties do not hold.

Performance Analysis

We can help you to execute comprehensive performance analysis of your model before it gets employed in your product.


Planning and Synthesis

We can help to solve your planning problems and automatically synthesize controller with performance-optimal behaviour.


The model of your product can be used to automatic test suite generation and integrated into your development process by performing online testing.


We offer domain-specific and tailor-made solutions on verification/simulation/synthesis/testing/planning of communication protocols, control software, planning, biological systems, etc.

We have a lot of succesful case stories in our backpack. Check them out at UPPAAL in the link below. 


A quick introduction to the tool on one page is available here.

Our online reference help is available under web help and our UPPAAL 4.0 Tutorial is available for free. The distributed package also includes examples in its demo directory.

A presentation on timed automata in UPPAAL, semantics, query language, zones and operations on zones is available here. You are welcome to visit the web-page of the corresponding tutorial at RTSS’05 if you want to know more about the techniques behind the tool.

We are teaching different courses on formal methods including timed automata and UPPAAL. The presentation of one such lecture is available here. You are welcome to contact us if you wish to have a course.


If you have any questions on the tool, our license or our offer, you are more than welcome to contact us.


We will be happy to answer any of your enquiries.


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Founded in 2019, VeriAal offers commercial use of the UPPAAL tool-suite and also world-class consultancy services on how to exploit UPPAAL. These services range from guiding you in solving a problem, to partially or completely undertaking your modelling process.